At the Beach

By Chris Hogan Jun 2016 

Paradise gained 
It’s comfortably warm, not excessively hot. There’s a slight breeze and the sea shimmers away in front of you to meet the distant horizon. 

There the sun is descending majestically, once more completing its daily journey over your seaside paradise (ok, we know the sun doesn’t really go around the earth, but please bear with me while I wax lyrical in setting the scene). 

You’re in the water, maybe swimming, wading or just floating in serenity. You might be alone but more likely you’ll be with a partner, perhaps other friends or family. The sky is clear apart from a few fluffy little clouds and sea birds calling as they wheel back and forth. 


In the moment? 
Your friend, partner, maybe one of your children, turns to look at you. What does that expression mean? Are they sharing in your appreciation of the calm beauty of the moment? Perhaps they are smiling at someone else’s joke? Or grimacing because they’re cold and want to go in? 

Of course, you don’t know. Because you can’t tell. You can’t see clearly. 
Because your glasses are wrapped up in your towel at the bottom of that large rock to the left hand side of the beach. That distinctive rock you chose in the hope that you would find it easily when you finally emerge from the sea without your glasses. 

Childhood holiday legacy 
You remember as a child discovering that the tide would take you sideways, without you realising, while you were larking about in the water. You remember the rising panic as you would walk among the holidaymakers, desperately searching for that one specific group of windbreaks, towels and umbrellas that marked your family’s beach camp, not someone else’s. 

Desperately searching for that one specific group of windbreaks, towels and umbrellas that marked your family's beach camp, not someone else's. 

You remember the pitying looks on people’s faces as you tried to get close enough to work out if they were your family, without giving away the fact that you were hopelessly lost. 

Of course that happened to kids who didn’t have glasses too, just not as often. But you still look for something to mark your little camp while you venture out into the water. 

Or …. you could just get some prescription swimming goggles. 

Suddenly it’s a different world. 
You’re a part of the interaction while you’re out in the water, playing, swimming or just lounging. In fact you’re better off than the non-spectacle wearers, because you can see clearly underwater too, keeping an eye out for sharp stones, jellyfish and other hazards. 

Your chances of losing your family camp on the beach are lower than ever and you can relax about finding landmarks. Prescription swimming goggles will revolutionise your seaside fun. 

'Love these goggles! Best place I've found for +prescription goggles.' Julie Lloyd 

Prescription swimming goggles 
There’s a huge range at Prescription swimming goggles and they won’t break the bank either. The range starts from as little as £16 and even the most expensive fully adjustable goggles, with gold mirror-finished lenses, are a lot less than £50. 

You’ll be more relaxed and get more out of your holiday – you’ll see what a remarkable difference they make as soon as you put them on. Enjoy!

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