*NEW* TUSA optical kit for diving masks

James Sutton

This is a conversion kit that should fit inside most diving masks to make them prescription (available in limited powers). This kit can extend the life of your existing diving mask. 

The TUSA Universal Optical Frame Kit is fitted with prescription lenses and designed to fit inside almost any single lens mask. 

The rigid frame holds the prescription lenses (the same power in each eye) and when inserted into a single lens mask, the flexible mounting arms hold the frame in place. 

This is the ideal way to convert a single lens mask into a prescription version. it is designed to correct short sight and comes in a single colour, pre-assembled with same powers in each eye. 

If would like to know more about this item or our range of prescription diving masks and swimming goggles, contact us on 0330 660 0796.

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“As an optometrist and regular swimmer, I enjoy sourcing a wide range of goggles and masks to help you see well in the pool, sea or spa.”

James Sutton (MCOptom)
Founder of Prescription Swimming Goggles

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