Are custom made goggles and dive masks the right choice for you?

James Sutton

Here at prescription swimming goggles, part of Butterflies Healthcare, we supply both ‘off the shelf’ goggles and dive masks and unique ‘custom made’ items. 

Off the shelf means we have a look at your full optician’s prescription and recommend the closest lens possible. 

This is a great choice if you wish to keep the cost down or just need goggles for leisure swimming. We have a huge choice of off the shelf goggles with prices starting at just £16 for children and £17 for adults. Our dive masks start at £55. Many of these items are held in stock and can be dispatched the same day if ordered before 1pm. 

Off the shelf goggles are usually the first choice for many of our customers that do not have too complex prescriptions. 

‘Custom made’ means we take your full exact prescription and make a one off goggle or dive mask to this complete prescription, much like a pair of glasses. This is a great option if you are a serious swimmer or diver, or if you or your child has a more complex prescription. We also require the distance between the centre of your eyes known as the pupillary distance or PD. If this is not written on your optician’s prescription, ask your optician if they will provide it for you as they may have it on your records. 

Prices for custom made goggles start at £60 and increase depending mainly on the strength of the prescription. Prices for custom made dive masks start at £100. Custom made items are usually completed within 14 days.

These goggles do not have an anti-fog coating so we recommend an anti-fog spray or fog buster wipes to use with them. To check for fitting, we can send out a selection of sample goggles for you to try first, as we cannot offer a refund on these specially made goggles. 

None of the ‘off the shelf’ goggles correct astigmatism so if the majority of your prescription is astigmatism, or you have astigmatism over 2.00 dioptres (cyl) you will need a custom made product for best visual results. 

If your astigmatism is less than 2.00 or is not the majority of correction then an ‘off the shelf’ goggle should be fine. 

If you call our office on 0845 643 0796 or 0330* 660 0796 or send an email with your full prescription then the Butterflies ladies can advise on the best option for you, recommend the most suitable lenses and suggest some goggles and masks.

We have an in-house optician that checks the more complex prescriptions to ensure the best choice is made and can answer any of your queries. 

So whatever your swim and dive needs and whatever your glasses prescription, there is something for everyone! 

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“As an optometrist and regular swimmer, I enjoy sourcing a wide range of goggles and masks to help you see well in the pool, sea or spa.”

James Sutton (MCOptom)
Founder of Prescription Swimming Goggles

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