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James Sutton

Swimming is one of the most  popular forms of physical activity amongst the UK population. 

Over 4 million people in the UK go swimming at least twice a month and the activity is most popular with the under 10s, with almost half of children swimming on a monthly basis. This popularity is not new, swimming has been in the top five leisure activities for years. But it is not all good news, there are still millions of people in the UK who are not confident to swim a length of the pool.

Although swimming is more popular in the summer, why not kick start the New Year and jump back into the pool. If you ask “Why?” we we say "Why not!" but if you need more, then here are some reasons to swim.

  1. Full body workout 
    Whatever stroke you do, swimming uses nearly all the main muscle groups plus the body works harder. 30 minutes in the pool is like 45 minutes out of it and will gently increase the heart rate, tone muscles, build strength and endurance.

  2. Great for wellbeing 
    Of course, a balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but swimming can play a role in helping to stay fit, lose weight and promote mental wellbeing.

  3. De-stresses and relaxes 
    Exercise in general helps lower stress hormones in the body which can help lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and improve sleep patterns. So even a light swim can help promote good mental wellbeing.

  4. Burns calories, quickly
    Any exercise will burn calories but swimming is one of the most effective ways. A gentle half hour swim will typically burn twice as many calories as walking for the same time. If you can manage to go faster, so will the calories! 

  5. Support the body 
    Water supports around 90% of the body's weight which means swimming is a great, gentle exercise. So if you have long term injuries or health issues, swimming is often a ‘go to’ way to keep active. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, discuss with your doctor first to check it is safe to restart.

  6. Increase energy levels 
    Strangely enough the more active we  are (within reason), the more energy we have. So swimming for half an hour a few times a week can actually boost energy levels and increase the metabolic rate, which will help with weight loss too.

With 1,000s of public and private pools scattered around the UK there is likely to be a pool in your locality. Many of these will offer affordable pay-as-you go options or monthly membership.

So whether you are young or old, alone or with the family, for fun or for exercise, indoors or open water, swimming is good for everyone.

Pool, sea or spa; look good and see well® 
with Prescription Swimming Goggles. 

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