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Blepha products offer a range of solution for people with dry eyes and blepharitis (inflammation/soreness of the eye lid margin. The range consists of a gel, solution and wipes to help promote lid hygiene, a common source of irritation. They gently cleanse the area and promote natural tear production thus restoring ocular comfort. 


Careway multipurpose contact lens solution combines efficacy comfort and safety to perform the functions essential to care for all types of soft contact lenses: clean, moisturise/hydrate & lubricate. Through its exclusive hypoallergenic formulation, Careway is an alliance of effectiveness and extreme tolerance & includes free make-up worth at least £6.00.


Dry eyes is a very common problem, particularly for women, contact lenses wearers or VDU users. Although the range of products is small they are aimed specifically at those with the condition.This includes ocular lubricants and vitamin supplements in addition to some alternative ideas.


Need to buy a new range of make-up? Free from common allergens like parabens - nickel and toluene this site offers a complete range of make-up and skin care products for contact lenses wearers and people with sensitive eyes or skin.


This site is devoted to Hycosan eye drops, an excellent ocular lubricant for the relief of dry eye symptoms. The unique delivery system provides lasting comfort with no preservatives. The multi-dose bottle is easy to use, even for those with poor manual dexterity. One bottle lasts up to 3 months making it a very cost effective product.


NATorigin is a new range of cosmetics and skin care from the manufacturers of Eye Care Cosmetics. Using the same principles of bio-inertia and extreme tolerance combined with the use of as many natural ingredients a possible (minimum of 97% natural).


A specialist site from which you can buy a number of swimming goggles glazed with your prescription. Speedo and other makes are all available with a choice of sizes and colours to suit either adults or children. All are ideal for those who enjoy their water sports but also want to see!!


Are you a shortsighted (myopic) spectacle wearer who swims in glasses? Look good and see well with optical/prescription swimming goggles from Sutton Swimwear.


Maintaining healthy eyes and good vision is important to all of us. This site promotes a range of products which can help a variety of conditions including macular degeneration, floaters and cataracts. Brands featured include ICaps, Ocuvite PreserVision, Visionace and Viteyes.


A specialist site which focuses of a small range of products we distribute in the UK. The Viteyes range of dietary supplements is based on extensive eye health research and provides various vitamins and minerals. This includes Vitamins A,C & E, Zinc, Copper and Lutein. These have all been shown to have an important role to play in maintaining visual performance and ocular health.

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